EMPYREAL play their very own version of Blackened Death Metal, which is complemented by various elements of Post (Black) Metal and Thrash Metal. The result is a multi-layered sound image in which facets of the most diverse styles merge into a compact, energetic and yet atmospheric unit.

Some of EMPYREAL’s music goes back to 2012, when guitarist Dennis Schneider (Soul Demise, ex-Final Breath) founded the band – at that time still nameless – as a pure studio/solo project. Since the material was very well received, the decision was made to find a complete cast to present the material in a live setting: The birth of EMPYREAL.

In 2014, Jonathan Keller (drums), Michael Bachmann (vocals), Heiko Heckner (bass) and Tobias Gold (guitars) joined the band, all of whom have many years of experience in well-known Southern German bands such as Eridu, Retaliation, and Shattered.

In autumn 2016, the first EP Psalms Of Forlorn Hope – consisting of 4 songs with a playing time of 23 minutes – was produced. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dennis Schneider in collaboration with Michael Bachmann at the Mainblast Studios, where productions of local bands like Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled, Provocation, Clit$plit and Retaliation have been forged.

The EP was released on Dec. 17Th 2016 and was very well-received by press (e.g. 9/10 at and radio (e.g. broadcast on

In 2018, EMPYREAL were booked for the Inferno Metal Festival in Olso and were able to further increase their reputation in Northern Europe. Shortly after, the band entered Christoph Brandes Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Deadborn and many more) for drum recordings of their full-length My Own Living Hell. Additional recordings as well as mix and mastering once again took place in the bands own Mainblast Studios by Dennis Schneider.

After the success at the W:O:A Metal Battle Germany Semifinals, My Own Living Hell will be released on Jul. 11Th 2019 at the Dong Open Air Festival. Consisting of 10 Songs with a total playtime of 51 Minutes, EMPYREAL further refine their style by focusing on the extremes of their music. The songs are faster, more melodic, more atmospheric yet more technical – still, the unique blend of their very own interpretation of Blackened Death Metal is evident.

Empyreal are:

Dennis - Guitar

Dennis Schneider

Private Thoughts of Dennis

Michel - Vocals

Michael Bachmann

Private Thoughts of Michael

Joanathan Keller

Private Thoughts of Jonathan